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The Frosted Gem of the Orchard

Like sticking out your tongue to catch a snowflake during the first snowfall, the Snowflake™ apple is inspired by those special winters spent with family. Crisp, fresh, and flavourful, the Snowflake™ apple hearkens to warmed hearts and rosy cheeks from days spent in the snow.

The Snowflake Story

Once in a generation, an apple comes along that reinvents the category and inspires the consumers at the grocery aisle. That apple is the Snowflake™ apple, a product of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s world-renowned tree fruit development program.

A deep red apple dusted with delicate white ’snowflakes’ that embrace the fruit’s skin, the Snowflake™ apple is a crisp, sweet apple perfectly balanced in both flavour and texture, that finishes with a refreshing hint of tartness. True to its name, the Snowflake™ apple arrives just as the season transitions from Autumn to Winter. The air is still temperate but there is a crispness that begins to invigorate the senses. Out in the orchard, the apple harvest is nearing completion and anticipation is building as we await the first snowfall.

Delicious Winter Crisp apple
deliciously crisp apple


Delicious Winter Crisp:

Harvested between Autumn and Winter, this deliciously crisp apple is uniquely marked with white ‘snowflakes’ as if in anticipation of the season’s first snowfall.

Love at First Bite:

Snowflake™ apple bursts with juiciness and tantalizes tastebuds with a perfect sweet-and-tart flavour balance that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Buy With Your Eyes:

Snowflake™ apple naturally commands attention with its shiny red skin and delicate white snowflake lenticels. The apples also stay fresh ensuring quality of appearance and taste, whether they are on display at retail or stored at home.

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deliciously crisp apple
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